Domain Name & Brand Name Research

Business and Start-up Name Research

Everything is in the NAME!

The importance of naming your startup business cannot be ignored. A name and domain name is a backbone to the business identity. We at ZenithBrands have no sense of compromising when researching a business name, with an available .com domain name and a trademark-viable name.
Thorough research on your business and understanding of your goals and objectives. Learning about your target market you wish to tap on, we will come up with the most unique and trademark-able names that will win consensus globally. Every single name we provide is researched and we ensure that every name has a meaning and will attract your target market.
Perfect name for your business starts here.
Featured names and domains:,,,, ,,,

Included (.com) international domain name registration

A tagline is a short phrase that brings out the essence of a brand. Ideally, it is a combination of what your brand is in a short yet catchy phrase. It acts as a message to potential customers. A tagline tends to work in tandem with your business name.

A preliminary trademark research is conducted on the name you choose. A trademarked name protects your brand and protects your identity! Therefore, our process of trademark screening ensures the clients to avoid possible conflicts with other brands. This option does not include any trademark registration.